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Tourists, we all love tourists and these days we are all tourists, even you. Cheap airfares means the world is traveling. How to cope? Bloomsberry Tourist Chocolate is the answer of course. Great as a gift, they are also great to eat if you end up stuck at the airport for 20 hours because your plane failed to arrive. Finally the airline disavows all knowledge of you and your luggage that you will most probably never see again.
Bloomsberry Tourist Chocolate will bring back memories of happier times. More comfortable times when you actually had a seat and were not reduced to lying on the floor of the airport lost in your own thoughts while all around you people with valid tickets for planes that actually exist succory past with furtive glances.
You have become a warning- DO NOT BOOK BUDGET AIRLINES.
All Bloomsberry Product descriptions have been  algorithmically generated from a randomly generated word list. Questions or comments? Contact Us, or better still go tell the person at the airline ticket counter.