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Mothers Day Chocolate 

Mothers Day Chocolate for the well ensconced Mum.

These Mums know a thing or too. They are wise to all the tricks. So if you go with the whole “I’m not going to buy into this whole commercialisation nonsense” and then NOT actually celebrate Mother’s Day it could be a very risky move. After all it turns out that Mother’s Day is a straight up, bonafide real ‘Day’.  And research has shown that people like it, especially mothers.

So I say embrace the ‘Day’. Say it out loud ‘I believe in Mother’s Day and I am going to buy my Mum Chocolate’ (nothing to flash or you will be scolded for ‘wasting money’ and ‘avocado on toast’ will be mentioned… again. Chocolate it is. Same every year. That’s the way it is with well established Mums they like tradition.

Mothers Day Chocolate for the New Mum.

This bit is not tricky at all, Embrace the New Mum and celebrate Mother’s Day till  everyone falls asleep. Then when they wake up celebrate some more. It is all good. New Mums need heaps of support because it is an interesting job being a new Mum, long hours, not a lot of actual sleep and somebody  lost the ‘user manual’ so they are often winging it. Chocolate is a good choice for New Mums on Mothers Day. And if they are too tired to eat any, maybe you can help yourself while you do some dishes, hang out washing and generally make yourself useful.

Mothers Day Chocolate  for the Old Mum.

If you are actually be a little bit grey here and there and you still have your Mum You really have no choice at all. Celebrate your Mum she won’t be around forever, you know this in your heart. So make time. Listen to the old stories, Have a cup of tea, probably more than one, as good stories take time. You know the drill. The kids will get stuck in as well. Funny thing about old Mums is that grandkids never really see them as old, or annoying or stuck in their ways. For them your Mum is a rock star. So go on treat her like one. Chocolate might just be the trick.

Mothers Day Chocolate for Someone else’s Mum

If your Mum is no longer about. It can be pretty tough at Mother’s Day. There is no faking it, you miss her. Fact. One thing you can do is to celebrate someone else’s Mum. Go on. You probably know heaps of mums and Chocolate is always welcome. This Mother’s Day why not celebrate all the mums in your life. It may not hurt any less, but it will make you feel better!