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Birthday Chocolate

Everyone loves Birthdays and everybody will love Bloomsberry Gift Chocolate Birthdays Bars with clean modern designs and contemporary font choices Bloomsberry Happy Birthday Gift Chocolate Bars will make birthdays even more special. They come encased in there own unique hard wearing matt laminated cardboard carton built to take the knocks and come up singing and quite possibly dancing as well.

Mr. Bloomsberry

Mr Bloomsberry  is a parody of a friendly old fashioned shop keeper. He is not really real, he’s not even really a he, he’s actually a woman. Get used to it.  Any resemblance to real people or organisations is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional. As in we made them up. If you think that we are writing about you or your organisation then you are one sick puppy. We set out to create characters and an organisation lacking in both morals and ethics. We did this as a parody of modern business.