Get Well Soon Kit


Our pre-packed Get Well Now Emergency Chocolate Kit!

It’s A Baby Girl Kit


Our pre-packed It’s A Girl Chocolate Kit!


Vegan Friends Kit


Our pre-packed Vegan Friends Chocolate Kit!

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ABOUT EMERGENCYCHOCOLATE.COM is here for you. Developed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly vocal, petulant and irrationally demanding yet emotionally crippled chocolate user.

Furthermore, Emergency Chocolate has been formulated to meet the demanding accelerated upscale designer lifestyle needs of attractive, important and successful people. In other words, the most desirable parts of the world need chocolate.

However, the website algorithmically generates utilising digitally available user generated content. In addition, it mirrors the preexisting wants and innermost desires amongst prequalified ‘chocolate users’. In conclusion, as such it gives such users what they want when they want it. However, this is often expressed as, I want chocolate and I want it now.

Therefore please note: Emergency Chocolate is for emergencies only. Furthermore, Emergency Chocolate should be exclusively used for Chocolate Emergencies. Those everyday run of the mill chocolate crises. Above all, its needed on a silly day when all you carve is chocolate. Especially, for those times when nothing can, nor should, come between you and chocolate.